Date: 25 Jan 2019

Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project has recently collated extensive data packs capturing data on issues impacting on the lives of young people 0 to 24 years within the municipality. 

Executive Officer, Lisa McKenzie said the data shows, that while slightly less young people are reporting bullying overall in Greater Shepparton, the figures remain very high for the State. 

An extensive consultation called 1000 Conversations undertaken by Lighthouse in Greater Shepparton last year confirms that bullying is of significant concern for many people in the community with the issue raised in 65 per cent of conversations. 

It was also cited as a major issue by young people in our 2016 Falling Through the Cracks report in which more than 70 disengaged young people were interviewed. 38 of the young people cited bullying as a major contributing factor for leaving school early. 

“We now have a very strong case for change in relation to bullying in Greater Shepparton and what community considers acceptable’, she said. 

Below are a selection of extracts and direct quotes from the 2018 1000 Conversations: 

  • We need to respond to bullying - my child won’t catch the bus because of bullying. 
  • Schools don’t know what to do about bullying.  We need programs where kids learn what to do about being bullied.  Bullying increases in high school. 
  • Schools should be able to be a safe space free from bullying and have access to great teachers who want to build relationships with you. 
  • They (the schools) say bullying is not tolerated but they (perpetrators) only get a slap on the wrist. 
  • A super school may not be the answer to solving Shepparton's Educational problems. Students questioned what would happen when students sometimes needed to change schools due to issues such as bullying.  
  • Bullying starts at school and then someone posts online and everyone joins in.
    Isolation goes with bullying - you get antisocial and don't want to try anything. It eads to depression and other mental health issues. 
  • There has to be proper use of technology, and stop access to bullying and cyber bullying.  Parents and schools should monitor a little more closely.  
  • Bullying is a barrier - kids need good support from their teachers.  
  • We need more support with bullying - examine and treat root causes of bullying  
  • Lack of food/bullying/wellbeing/lack of community connection are main reasons for not attending school. 
  • I’m worried about bullying and mental health anxiety issues with the new super school. 
  • Bullying - sporty/popular people; huge amounts of distrust between each other. Online games: Inclusion/exclusion. 
  • Cyber bullying and the constant distraction of tech is an issue. 
  • School refusal - parents don't know how to deal with this: bullying, technology - really easy to spread quickly. 
  • Technology - internet bullying. Used to be that issues ended at school. Now they follow you home. 
  • Bullying is a really big problem. 
  • Peer pressure and bullying -teachers don't pick it up if the kids are quiet. 
  • Bullying - people who have a rough life 
  • Cyberbullying: Snapchat - kids need consequences for this. 
  • Bullying - changing schools as a result of bullying.
  • Get rid of bullying. 
  • Major issues in our community are prejudice / attitudes / bullying. 
  • Mental health issues: isolation and feeling lonely. Depression from bullying. 
  • School troubles gets in the way of success - (bullying, bad grades, hard school work). 
  • What gets in the way of success; - Depression, anxiety, mental health issues, drugs, alcohol, bullying, people dragging you down, not enough support - professional services, perceived lack of ability, intellect, lack of confidence. 
  • We need education for anti-bullying in schools; directed at our students. 
  • Bullying is much worse when attached to identity. 
  • Empower kids to speak up against bullying. 
  • Tackle bullying and anxiety and depression in our young people. 
  • Stop wasting money on things we don't need like the art museum try stop bullying instead. 

Release ends. 

For more information or media enquiries please call:
Lisa McKenzie
Executive Officer
0427 212 651

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