Planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation are embedded in Lighthouse's way of working. We are continuously reflecting, learning and adapting our approach. Monitoring and evaluation are as much about measuring the quality of the process and learning as it is about outcomes.

Early in 2023, Lighthouse engaged Social Ventures Australia (SVA) to evaluate the social value and impact created by our organisation, our programs and our initiatives. The SVA team collected extensive qualitative and quantitative data through interviews, surveys and document reviews. A full copy of the report can be accessed via the link below:

Key findings from the 2023 SVA Evaluation Report

There is a renewed sense of Lighthouse’s value and place within the community and as the only place-based collective impact backbone.

Families are more connected to the community because of their engagement in Lighthouse initiatives.

Lighthouse has developed a unique ability to respond rapidly to community needs using a value driven approach.

Community recognise Lighthouse as genuinely listening to, understanding and acting to address their needs.

Children and young people have a strong sense of feeling loved, valued, and safe as a result of being engaged in Lighthouse initiatives.

Partners believe they are actively contributing to improving outcomes for children young people and community.

“Sometimes you need a bit of vision and a bit of faith and I want to see Lighthouse continue to be supported. We are heading in the right direction and to see the dial really shift we need to see this going for a generation.” – Quote from consultations

Key metrics from the 2023 SVA Report

The evaluation of Lighthouse’s activities uncovered a range of benefits for different stakeholders and demonstrate the impact and reach of the organisation. The following is a snapshot of the key activities and outcomes over the three year period from October 2020 to March 2023.

“Kids increased confidence, increased engagement and academic improvement will come but it’s about the kids feeling they have a sense of belonging and a sense of worth. [Lighthouse is] opening the door to opportunities they may not have had resources to participate in and the joy for the kids is massive.” – Quote from consultations

Key recommendations from the 2023 SVA Report

Strengthen a position on advocacy. Consultations highlighted that the organisation plays an important role advocating for vulnerable communities and the region. Given the recent challenges and change of focus given the emergencies, it will be important for Lighthouse to ensure advocacy is prioritised.


Develop Lighthouse’s role as a backbone collective impact organisation to leverage networks and funding. As Lighthouse continues its progress as a part of the social infrastructure of Greater Shepparton, it will be important to have clear roles and responsibilities around partnerships, funding, delivery of initiatives and sustainability of activities.

Provide greater clarity on Lighthouse’s role within the early years (ages 0-4) intervention and prevention. Lighthouse has had an impact through the Family Haven, which serves the most vulnerable, and there is a need to consider where else Lighthouse can use their strengths to support early years intervention and prevention.

Explore formalising an MoU with local council to clearly communicate Lighthouse’s role to the community. GV Cares emerged out of the 2020 lockdown and 2022 Floods as a key initiative to support the community and as a part of critical social infrastructure. In order to play a role in emergency responses, more formal agreements may be required.

“They can just do it quicker which is so unique. They can mobilise a volunteer base and can be so reactive to change within an hour.” – Quote from consultations

Previous Evaluation Reports

Clear Horizons compiled an Evaluation Report released in February 2020

Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of the Shepparton region on whose lands we are located, the Yorta Yorta peoples and their Elders past, present and emerging. Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project recognises, respects and supports all community members regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ability, or age.

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