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Planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation are embedded in Lighthouse's way of working. We are continuously reflecting, learning and adapting our approach. Monitoring and evaluation are as much about measuring the quality of the process and learning as it is about outcomes.

Key findings from the Clear Horizon Evaluation Report*

Lighthouse has contributed to a positive learning environment and culture at schools and to learning-related outcomes for some participating students, as well as creating an impact for the adults involved. The changes emerging in children do align with the shorter-term outcomes in the theory of change relating to improving learning conditions and creating opportunities for improving student literacy.

The Lighthouse Industry Links program is providing young people with the opportunity to understand different career opportunities and to grow aspirations. Volunteers who participated in Industry Links reported that they experienced personal satisfaction as a result of their involvement in the program.

The establishment of The Haven has provided young people in the Greater Shepparton region with a safe and inclusive space. Young people who attend The Haven have experienced a range of changes in motivation and mindset and increased aspiration. Young people have also experienced increased connections, increased access to work and learning opportunities, and positive behavioural changes.

Young people on the Youth Leadership Table value being on the table, value having their voices heard and feel empowered and confident as a result of their participation. Members of this table reported feeling that they were making a key difference in the community as a result of their participation in the table.

Volunteers feel personal satisfaction, have a greater understanding of local disadvantage, advocate for Lighthouse and are part of a community that is now taking greater ownership of local issues. Some volunteers reported feeling that there has been a shift in Shepparton, with the community now taking greater ownership of local issues and drawing on community to address issues. For volunteers who have had longstanding interest in participation in community life, Lighthouse has provided opportunities for and enabled this participation.

School staff reported that volunteers were a valuable resource in classrooms. School staff also reported increased connection between schools and the community, which has helped to alleviate the stigma associated with schools that serve disadvantaged populations. This section describes the changes that have occurred for children (under 12 years)

*The Lighthouse Evaluation Report was compiled by Clear Horizon and released in February 2020

Additional Evaluation Reports

Personal stories of change via The Haven

Kate’s father has a history of incarceration and her mother has a disability. The family has experienced financial strain compounded by the father’s gambling and consequently the family has experienced homelessness and unstable housing. Through this, The Haven has supported Kate to continue with her studies and with job seeking, providing assistance with resumé writing and interview preparation. Kate obtained a job at Subway and has returned to full-time mainstream schooling. She wants to be a doctor and the team got her a work placement in a hospital. She is active in the Lighthouse community and assists with Lighthouse fundraisers.

Shane was living in a residential facility for young people with mental health issues and was being supported to enter into independent living. Shane suffers from severe anxiety and is on the autism
spectrum. When Shane first came to The Haven he was withdrawn and would not speak to anyone or make eye contact. After a few visits, the staff learned that Shane enjoyed table tennis so they used this as an opportunity to engage with Shane. He began slowly interacting with staff and then with other young people. Yet he was only able to speak to staff while playing table tennis. Shane advised The Haven staff that he had obtained an interview with Woolworths, and the staff assisted Shane to prepare for the interview. He was offered the job and moved into independent housing. He does not visit The Haven as often as he used to but still returns occasionally for table tennis.

Roger was a very withdrawn young person. He was apparently abusive to his mother and there were frequent arguments at home. Roger’s mother lived with mental health issues and experienced financial difficulties. The Haven supported Roger’s family by providing them with food. The Haven supported Roger by helping him to develop a range of life skills with which he had been struggling, such as improved hygiene, washing, and preparing and cooking easy meals. They also provided him with informal assistance with social skills and supported him to make connections with other young people at The Haven. The staff reported seeing improvements in Roger’s confidence. The Haven helped Roger to engage with supported accommodation. Roger is now enrolled in TAFE and has stable employment working with cars – his passion. His relationship with his mother has improved.

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