What We Do

Changing the Lives of Young People

The Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project is a place based initiative to support the wellbeing and outcomes for young people from conception to career in the City of Greater Shepparton.  It is being driven by business, community and sector leaders committed to a 20-year plan to improve the education and other outcomes for the region’s young people.

Situated in northern Victoria, Greater Shepparton is a services, agriculture and food processing centre with a population of 62,352 including a significant Aboriginal population. The municipality also has a large refugee population which in recent years has come mainly from Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan.

The Lighthouse Project is an evidence-based project that engages parents, young people, residents, community leaders, government, funders, thought leaders and academics.

We track, monitor and improve the trajectory for all children so that more are ready for school; transition successfully to secondary school; are healthy and happy in their teens; complete year 12 and transition to work and post-secondary study.

The project is not a single program or initiative. It involves mapping existing services and promoting integrated service delivery; identifying success stories, deficits and opportunities; and growing the community’s aspiration to bring about lasting change. It involves collaboration and partnerships to grow existing initiatives, introduce and fund new initiatives, and track and share data.

The Challenge

Disengaged Youth

The project was initiated when business leaders began identifying the disconnect between the high numbers of disengaged youths and the inability to find work ready young people to fill employment roles.