Secondary School Focus

Lighthouse works in partnership with local businesses, organisations and individuals to provide unique local solutions to improve educational and wellbeing outcomes for young people. We offer a suite of initiatives in our State Secondary Schools to support improved outcomes including school attendance and completion rates and the numbers of young people transitioning to post-secondary education and work. The work is informed and supported by our Collaborative Leadership Tables and is tracked and monitored to ensure its supports the community's priorities for change.

Gen Connect Project

Gen Connect sees students connect twice weekly over the phone with a senior mentor to learn about their history before writing a biography of their life as part of their VCAL assessment. Lighthouse & Shepparton South Rotary are supporting the initiative which has seen older people across Shepparton put their hands up to be involved. If you would like to sign up as a mentor, contact Amy Robinson via email or for more information click here.

Mentoring programs

Codesigned workshops with wellbeing staff and school leadership with the ability to connect one on one with suitable matched mentors to better support students particularly around transitions, attendance and behavioural issues. Mentoring programs provide an early intervention delivered utilising evidence based strategies that empower young people to better understand themselves from a developmental standpoint. Delivered utilising mentors and leaders from outside the school environment they, offer a fresh perspective for young people to better understand and start to self-regulate and control their emotions and actions.

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The Regional Careers Camp and the Explore Day Trips and Resilience Camp are zero cost camps open to students from the Shepparton State Secondary Schools.

The Regional Careers Camps increase connection to and understanding of the region and job pathways particularly in the agricultural, environmental and agri-business sectors. The camp experience is designed to assist in an increased likelihood of young people staying or returning to work in the region whilst at the same time providing exposure to the vast array of careers available within our region.

The Explore Day Trips and Resilience Camps are designed to assist our local young people through providing an experience that they would otherwise not have access to. Camping, problem solving and working as a team assists to increase confidence, resilience and life skills for our local youth supported by staff and community leaders and mentors within a framework that allows for personal growth and increased social connection.

VCAL Offering

Specialist project guidance for teaching staff and students studying VCAL at either Year 11 or 12 level. Students are often disconnected from many of the issues faced by members of their wider community naturally through lack of exposure. Utilising the data captured from the ‘1000 conversations’ wide scale community consultations undertaken in 2015 and 2018 Lighthouse staff are well placed to communicate and advocate in relation the issues highlighted. This allows students to better connect their community project ideas and concepts along with specialist advice and connections from Lighthouse project workers and leaders to create solutions in a really meaningful manner and at the same time achieve VCAL curriculum project outcomes.

Curriculum industry links

The Curriculum Industry Links program allows the linking of the school curriculum and classroom learning directly to the local operating environment and to local employment and further study pathways. This is achieved through facilitated Industry excursions, guest presenters in class, connection of school to industry to create new opportunities like work experience/ placement and real community project based learning. Curriculum industry links empowers students with knowledge, increases students exposure and assists in building aspiration for local careers and study pathways. Industry Links allows business and industry a communication channel directly into schools thus assisting their promotion of careers that align to their future workforce requirements which in turn assists in supporting a strong and prosperous regional economy.

Tailored Career Showcase Events

Career Events such as ‘GV Health - Support Services Careers Day’ and ‘Shepparton Law Courts - Legal Careers and Opportunities Showcase’ are examples of career exposure events created in direct response to student need aligned to local employment growth sectors within our region of Greater Shepparton. Lighthouse will continue to collaborate with students, careers practitioners, school leadership, industry and community leaders to create and co-design unique and tailored events that provide increased access to opportunities for further study or increased transitions into the workforce for our youth in Greater Shepparton.

Leadership, Resilience and Careers Workshops

The opportunity to hear from inspirational young leaders from the Greater Shepparton community who have overcome adversity to reach their full potential. Students benefit from learning tangible strategies for managing stress and hearing firsthand how to best navigate further study and future careers with emphasis on utilising one’s own strengths whilst maximising networks. Workshops are delivered in ‘real’ speak and can be tailored for year level, split between male and female focussed sessions and also contextualised to incorporate culturally appropriate examples, content and guest presenters.

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