Our Volunteers

We believe the solutions exist within our community and we have created a movement of the willing to drive unique responsibilities. Our volunteers are retirees, young people and professionals who are driven to provide young people with the opportunity to realise their full potential and thrive. Our volunteers provide social connection, mentors and role models, and support for literacy and numeracy.


Volunteer Settings

9 Pre-Schools

7 Primary Schools

4 Secondary Schools

3 Alternate Learning Settings

& The Haven


Active Volunteers


Volunteers on our 5 Leadership Tables

Volunteer Profile

We love Annie!

Annie Squires has volunteered at The Haven since it began in January 2017.
Annie has been volunteering at the Haven each fortnight since it commenced. Annie loves attending and giving something back to the community. Recently Annie has started up a monthly sewing night, passing on her skills to the kids. Annie loves getting to know the kids and her favourite moments at the Haven are the conversations she has with them.
Thank-you to Annie, we love having you at the Haven!
Annie is one of our hundreds of volunteers and we appreciate each and every one of them.
03 - Annie

Shepparton High School love their volunteers

Gowrie St board games (3)

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