Our Collaborative Leadership Tables

The Collaborative Leadership Tables are Lighthouse’s community decision-making forums. They are made up of about 50 passionate community members who are committed to leading change to improve wellbeing and educational outcomes for young people from conception to career. They are a mechanism to support the work of Lighthouse to facilitate and enable strengthened connections throughout our community.

There are currently three tables: Early Years; Secondary & Transitions and; our Youth Leadership Advisory Table (“Youth Empowerment Leaders”).

The Tables' purpose is to identify and drive strategic initiatives to enable young people to thrive in Greater Shepparton. Our Youth Table gives Lighthouse the opportunity to engage with young people in a meaningful and ongoing way and help ensure we focus on the work most likely to support young people and lead to positive change.

Our tables

Early Years Table

Sönke Tremper

Steve Ayton

Ange Andreadis

Belinda Conna

Belinda Whitelaw

Bree Findlay

Cheryl Hammer

Maryanne Stivactas

David McKenzie

Jo Fasano

Kathy Baksh

Rebecca Woolstencroft

Rebecca Andersson

Rosalind Martin

Sarah Robinson

Melissa Ralph

Secondary & Transitions

Lana Young

Bisi Oladele

Carla Dixon

Chris Norman

Deb Block

Melinda Lawley

Michael Carrafa

Teresa Deshon

Tom Robinson

Lauren Bowman

Cathy Scott

Corina Modderman

Julie Cobbledick

Kate Montgomery

Lori Hodgson

Sam Birrell

Sarmed Yassin

Troy Snelling

Zane Foott

Zara Milenkovic

Youth Leadership Advisory Table

Tom Saxton

Dakoda Pearson

Amber Fairman

Seth Culpan

Alannah Perry

Sarah Hitchcock

Cody Mohamed

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