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Catalytic Funding

Lighthouse was initiated with support from philanthropic funders. The McEwen Foundation managed by Equity Trustees took a calculated risk and demonstrated philanthropic leadership by backing a regional community to design and deliver its own solutions. In 2014 they made a five-year commitment to support the Lighthouse initiative.

The flexible funding allowed Lighthouse to be responsive to community needs working in 21 settings - pre-schools, primary schools, high schools and alternative learning settings. This style of funding has allowed Lighthouse to design community-lead solutions in an agile and innovative way.

Lighthouse has used McEwan Foundation seed funding to leverage $4.6 million in additional funding from government and philanthropy which is allowing the work to be brought to full scale. The McEwan Foundation’s aim is to move beyond just the responsible stewardship of philanthropic funds to ensure those funds are applied wisely to create lasting change in the community. McEwen believes Lighthouse has done far more than was expected in 5 years and is seen in the community and nationally as a beacon for what is possible.

 “The McEwen Foundation supported GSLP with seed funding which was used to galvanise the community to improve the lives of young people.  There was a high level of trust involved in backing an emerging organisation with a five-year commitment and further funding is now being considered based on the capacity of Lighthouse to deliver beyond expectations and demonstrate genuine innovation and success. Equity has been inspired by the vision, processes and commitment of Lighthouse and genuine trust has existed since the partnership’s inception. This trust has provided Lighthouse with confidence and hope, and early success has been used to leverage more funding – from government, other philanthropic organisations and locally.” - Emily, McEwen Foundation

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